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We help banks and fintechs to empower individuals to make sound financial decisions and thrive in the long-term

Yainvest is a Swiss-based digital subsidiary established by BhFS gmbh. Created in 2007, BhFS Behavioural Finance Solutions is a spin-off company of the universities of St. Gallen and Zurich.

The methods are proven standard at Swiss WM and are a result of 10+ years of research, development, and delivery to 15+ financial institutions.

Yainvest is a hub of innovation where Behavioral Finance meets the digital world. We're committed to developing user-friendly, insightful, and accessible digital tools that empower individuals of all backgrounds to enhance their financial well-being. Our goal is to help you navigate the complexities of financial decision-making with confidence.

Our technology modules


Our services are a good fit for wealth managers and retail banks with their own investment strategies. 

We also provide Behavioural Finance consulting services for savings & investments product design, education workshops, and Data and Advanced Analytics services to operationalize Behavioural Insights.

Please check the latest Arthur D. Little report to get additional insights in applied behavioural finance.

Our plug and play SaaS modules:

Our methods adopted by the leading financial institutions, BhFS clients

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Meet Our Team

Our team are seasoned capital markets and technology executives combined with world-class academia.

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Behavioural Coach for Retail Clients

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